Guidelines for Virtual Presentations

  • Participants in an (ICUMD-23) virtual presentation can give their presentations conveniently from their homes or their offices without having to leave.
  • A few days prior to the (ICUMD-23), registered attendees will receive an invitation to the event along with a unique user ID for access to the (ICUMD-23) webinar.
  • In order to reduce last-minute technical concerns, you are urged to log in to the (ICUMD-23) virtual conferencing platform atleast thirty minutes early.
  • For their presentations, every speaker will be allotted twenty to twenty-five minutes. In order to allow for an introduction and a Q&A period subsequent to the conclusion of your talk, please schedule your talk for seventeen to nineteen minutes. Please make sure that you begin and conclude your presentation at the times specified in the programme in order to stay on schedule.
  • When the (ICUMD-23) begins, if you are a presenter, you are urged to remain prepared and have your presentation slides open on the digital device of your choice. By sharing your screen during your presentation everybody in the session will be able to see your slides
  • We advise sending the recorded files together with the power point presentation at least ten days before to the start date of the (ICUMD-23) if you would rather email it rather than attend and present in person.

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