Guidelines for Paper Presentation

  • You should be aware that there can be minor updates to the programme for any reason. Therefore, on the day of your presentation, kindly ensure your availability at the presentation room starting at the scheduled conference start time.
  • The allotted presentation time for each speaker is twenty to twenty-five minutes. For introductions and questions, please allow seventeen to nineteen minutes for your discussion. Please make sure that your presentation begins and ends at the times specified in the schedule in order to keep to the allotted time.
  • The (ICMMT-23) uses English as its working language.
  • PowerPoint or PDF files should be used for submissions. Make sure your images are very legible and clear.
  • Send in your presentation slides atleast fifteen days prior to the conference, and bring a copy of them on a flash drive or other storage device.
  • Before the session begins, kindly verify that your presentation deck is in order and synched properly.
  • The presentation room has a screen, a digital projector, one laptop, a slider with pointer, one cordless microphone, desktop microphone, and a simple sound system.
  • Utilizing personal computers is not advised unless absolutely necessary, taking schedules and technological setup into account.
  • Windows/PC users should make sure their presentations are compatible with the Apple MacBook being used at the podium.

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