Modes of Presentation

Presenters Delivering Oral Presentations

  • Every presenter must prepare a maximum of ten slides, each of which should comprise one page each for the introduction, the objectives, and the methodology sections.
  • The significant research outputs will be covered in the remaining slides. With one minute allotted for each slide, the ten presentation slides will most probably take ten minutes to present.
  • Each speaker will be given ten minutes to deliver the entirety of their presentation and three minutes for a Q&A session.
  • Depending on what you find more convenient, you choose your preferred presentation medium.

Presenters Delivering Oral Poster Presentations

  • Those who are giving an oral presentation of a poster will have a maximum of ten minutes to do so.
  • Please be aware that your entire presentation has to be delivered in the English language in its entirety.
  • You can use PowerPoint or bring a poster printed on A1-sized paper and exhibit it at the conference depending on your preferred choice.
  • You don't have to email us copies of your presentations.
  • However, kindly take notice that each attendee will have access to the internet while at the conference.

Presenters Delivering Zoom Presentations

  • This option is available during the conference.
  • Each presenter will have ten minutes to deliver their presentations in their entirety and three minutes for questions from the audience.

What Do You Do To Prepare

Step #1:Download the Zoom app to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Step #2:Register for a Zoom account.

Step #3:We'll have a meeting invitation link containing a video link attached sent to you. Both the Meeting ID and Password are available as part of this link.

Step #4:Prior to joining the conference call and sharing your screen, make sure your network connectivity, camera, and audio input are all configured correctly.

Step #5:You are free to leave the meeting at any time..

Presenters Delivering Recorded Presentations

  • Participants who prefer to record their presentation and play it later rather than presenting live at the conference can choose this option.
  • The ten minute video presentation can be recorded by the presenter and provided to us. (The entire presentation video recording must be no longer than ten minutes.) The video will be played during your presentation slot by the organising committee. These recorded video presentations will then be posted on the Slide Share or YouTube conference links, respectively so that all online presentations are accessible to conference attendees both while the conference is going on and subsequent to its conclusion.

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