Recognition and Appreciation Awards

The purpose of the Awards is to recognize and promote quality contributions to academic research and writing among scholars and students who present and publish papers at the (ICMMT-23) conference. The awards are given to the most outstanding researchers of the conference under below categories.

  • Presentation awards are organized with the intention of valuing one’s contribution to the field and behind the idea of encouraging for more active involvement for the betterment of the industry as a whole.
  • Considering the marks given by the evaluation committee and the Conference Chair, the highest scoring presentations shall be recommended for the following awards.
  • Both Oral presentations and Poster presentations will be evaluated for the awards.

Award Categories

  • Best Paper Presentation Award
  • Best Student Presentation Award
  • Session’s Best Award
  • Best Research Paper Award
  • Best Innovation/Research Idea Award

Criteria For The Session’s Best Presentation Award

Each and every presentation is evaluated by two evaluators and the average mark of both evaluators is taken as the final mark. The best presentation from each session will be selected based on the final mark received from the evaluators and the final decision is given by the Conference Chairs. Below criteria are taken into consideration for this award and marks are given out of 100.

  • Value of the Content
  • Clarity of Presentation
  • Appropriate Audio Visual Aids
  • Ability to Connect with the Audience
  • Proper Timing

Criteria For Best Research Paper Award And Best Innovation /research Idea Award

Research papers of each technical session with the highest marks shall be recommended for these awards. They are evaluated by a special committee headed by the conference chair according to the below criteria.

  • Originality
  • Best Creative/Innovative Research
  • Significance of the paper to the field
  • Significance of the paper to the field
  • Quality of writing style in term of accuracy, clarity, readability, and organisation of the paper
  • Use of appropriate methodological rigor

Awards Ceremony

All the winners will be presented with their awards during the awarding ceremony which will be held on the last day of the conference along with the conference conclusion.

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